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Leap Dance Midlands offers Ballet and Dance classes for children of all ages. From Toddlers to Adults classes. Find out more about our classes below.

Children’s Ballet and Dance Classes

Royal Academy of Dance technique and syllabus is at the heart of our classes. The RAD are internationally recognised and are one of the world’s most influential and respected dance organisations, known for professional standards and quality teaching. Our classes are suitable for beginners and those that have danced before. All of classes are fun and sociable, whilst developing co-ordination, social skills, confidence, health, fitness and well-being.

Our children’s classes include a range of dance styles to inspire your child including ballet, modern, tap and musical theatre. We follow the syllabus of the ISTD to give your child the chance to experience a wide range of dance styles and genres. Find out more about each dance style below.

Toddler and Grown Up Classes

Ages 1, 2 and 3. An introduction to dance for toddlers and their grown ups. A fun and friendly class that introduces your toddler to the joys of dance, music and song. This class develops their co-ordination skills, social skills and musicality. This gives you the perfect opportunity to bond with your child whilst getting fit and meeting new parents and grandparents.

Preschool Dance Classes

A fun and friendly class for children ready to join in without their grown up. This is a creative movement class, usually from aged 3 upwards. This class gives your child an introduction to the movements that develop into dance steps. This class uses props, themes and imaginative dance to develop your child’s imagination, creativity and confidence. It also develops coordination, balance, social skills, confidence and creativity.

Primary Dance Classes

The Primary class includes ballet, tap and modern following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus with free creative dance. This class allows the children to learn a range of dance styles including ballet, tap, and modern developing technical skills, confidence and creativity in dance.

The RAD syllabus has been designed in line with a child’s developmental stages and by world experts. It is the syllabus used by professional ballet and stage schools including The English National Ballet School, the Royal Ballet School and Elmhurst Ballet school who all take vocational exams with the RAD.

Junior Dance Classes

The Junior class is for children aged 6 and above. We begin to focus on the exam syllabus of the RAD and ISTD dance organisations. The Junior classes are a combination class including ballet, tap, modern, character and musical theatre.  This allows the children to experience a range of different dance styles and is designed to allow them to perform with confidence and creativity. As well as exam work we do lots of creative free work and workshops within our classes to inspire and develop your child’s imagination and ability to learn and try new choreography.

As the classes grow the classes will split into separate ballet, tap, modern and musical theatre to work towards the RAD and ISTD dance syllabus, as well as adding a Senior class for older students and a Junior Performance Team who want to join in with local and national shows, demonstrations and workshops.

Dance Styles


Ballet is a highly technical dance form and is a classical style of dance but is a also fun to perform. Ballet is characterised by graceful and flowing movements, balances, turns and jumps. It helps with posture, poise, co-ordination and musicality. It is often described as being the technical foundation for all dance forms.


Tap is an exciting and rhythmical dance. The feet strike the floor using tap shoes to make a sound. Tap shoes have metal plates on the toes and the heels to allow the shoes to make a sound. Tap is seen in musicals including 42nd Street, Crazy for You and Stomp and Tap Dogs. Tap was extremely popular in the era of the Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals and is all about rhythm. Tap has lots of different styles and is great fun and energetic too.


Modern is a highly energetic dance form and includes travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns. Modern needs strength and flexibility to perform its steps with a sense of theatrical performance and style. Modern uses a range of movements and musical styles to develop a sense of performance and musicality. It is a highly expressive dance form and can include a fast paced jazz style to a soft lyrical contemporary piece.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a style that includes dance, singing and drama. It usually includes modern dance with more expression to act out the part or story of the musical. Famous musicals include Annie, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Chicago, Miss Saignon, Matilda the Musical and West Side Story. Musical theatre is so useful to help build a child’s confidence and give them the courage to try out and act out different characters through music and dance. It also helps to develop a sense of performance and learn a range of musical and dance styles.

‘My son loves his sessions and asks if he can do it all again. He is enjoying it very much and looks forward to it every week.’

‘Elaine really has a passion for ballet and that shows in every lesson. I love the classes I attend every week and can’t recommend them enough!’


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