What is Ballet Be Fit Midlands?

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Ballet Be Fit Midlands launched on zoom in December 2020. It is part of Leap Dance Midlands based in Derbyshire and started by Elaine. Elaine is a qualified Royal Academy of Dance teacher and a Ballet Be Fit trained fitness instructor. Leap Dance Midlands offers Ballet Be Fit, Adult Ballet and Children’s ballet, tap, modern and musical theatre classes in Repton South Derbyshire and Tutbury in East Staffordshire.

Ballet Be Fit Midlands classes are low impact and gentle. They are ideal for people starting out doing exercise classes as well as those with injuries that mean they need to be careful with the types of exercises and classes they can participate in. The classes start at the barre with a warm up and exercises that gently warm up and tone the legs. The class then moves to the centre with a port de bras, which is the ballet term for the arm movements. It is a great exercise to tone the arms. There is also a cardio section but without the high impact exercises in a typical aerobics class. The exercises are ballet based which means the upper and lower body gets a full workout. Floor exercises also work on the upper and lower body muscle conditioning. The classes end with a cool down and stretch helping with focusing the mind and the body.

Ballet Be Fit is a new and different type of exercise class. It is a fitness class but inspired by ballet. This means it has all the benefits of an ordinary exercise class. It improves fitness levels, aids weight loss and helps to tone the body. But because it is ballet inspired it has the added benefits of helping improve posture which is a common issue caused by sitting at a laptop all day and working from home without the proper office equipment. Ballet is also beneficial for improving flexibility and movement as well as balance, coordination, alignment and control.

As well as the positive impact on the body and health. Ballet Be Fit also benefits the mind too. It helps with overall well-being as ballet is such a fluid and beautifully controlled movement meaning that whilst dancing and performing the moves it really takes your mind of everything around you. It gives you time to just focus on the now and forget about all the external pressures. There is an Energising class on Saturdays which really boosts and motivates ready for the weekend. Doing the class helps with feelings of fatigue and low energy levels. There is a specific Relaxation and Stretch class on Thursday which uses chill out music and is gentle and suitable for beginners. The classes can help with relaxation stress and also improve sleep quality. Monday has an Improvers class which includes more complex ballet movements and exercises. Due to popularity of the classes a new adult Pure Ballet classes have started. The class teaches ballet and is specifically designed for adults. Some are beginners who have always wanted to try ballet and some are adults who did ballet or dance as children and wanted to return to a ballet class.

Ballet is so good for adults to learn and continue with as it is less intense on the joints than other forms of dance and exercise. It still helps with improving fitness and muscle tone but in a more gently way. It has huge benefits to improve posture.

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