Looking for online ballet and ballet be fit classes?

New blog post- online ballet and Ballet be fit classes

Virtual online classes became really popular in 2020 when we started Ballet Be Fit Midlands and we are still providing online Ballet and Ballet Be Fit classes in 2022 !

You may think it is unlikely that your living room can’t offer the same work out, social benefits and escape as a gym or exercise class can offer you. But using the technology of zoom we can now interact, socialise and have the same level of interaction but from the comfort and convenience of your own home!
So no more rushing to get to the gym in time. You can literally get changed turn on your laptop or ipad and you are ready to go!

You do need space to be able to move around safely but all the exercises have been created for smaller spaces. Dance Teachers are now so used to dances in their boxes, we automatically plan our online classes for smaller spaces.

What equipment do i need for an online ballet or dance class?

You don’t need any special equipment. A chair works as your ballet barre. You can use a rug or lie on the carpet for the floor exercises. So all you need is yourself and a drink to keep you hydrated.

Joining fitness classes virtually also gives you the same interaction and community feel you would get at any fitness class, both with your instructor and with other group members.  We always have a chat at the start and end of each class to catch up on the week’s events and plan what we might want to include next class.

By joining our classes monthly you also receive a recording of the classes so you can repeat them at anytime and as any times as you like, at no extra cost. You can even do short bursts daily too by doing the barre warm up exercises as a quick exercise blast. Ideal for getting fitter or weight loss.

What online ballet classes do you have?

Our online ballet classes are an introduction to ballet for beginners or those returning to ballet. Ballet is so good for adults as it is less intense on the joints than other forms of dance and exercise. It still helps with improving fitness and muscle tone but in a more gentle way.

What is a Ballet Be Fit online class?

Ballet Be Fit is a new and different type of exercise class. It is a fitness class but inspired by ballet. This means it has all the benefits of an ordinary exercise class. It improves fitness levels, aids weight loss and helps to tone the body.

We really are a very friendly and supportive group who like to get together and encourage one another to get fit and enjoy dancing. So why not try one of our classes? We do Adult Ballet and Ballet Be Fit. Find out more about our classes here https://leapdancemidlands.co.uk/adult-class-information/

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