How does dance help well-being and support positive mental health in children, young people and adults?

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week we wanted to talk about the important topic of supporting children’s positive mental health through dance.

Dance is so important for keeping your body and your mind healthy.

Dance is so important in supporting positive mental health. As well as helping with improving posture and fitness levels dance also helps with improving overall well-being, feelings of calm and relaxation.

Exercise produces changes in the brain that regulates stress and anxiety and relieves feelings of depression.

Dance classes are a safe place for children and adults to learn that it is ok to make mistakes. Dance classes provide an outlet to learn about, discuss and express emotions using mime and imaginative stories.

Dance classes allow you them to focus on the movements, give them time to switch off, unwind and be in the moment away from the pressures of life. It helps clear the mind and helps us refocus and makes them feel calmer and revived.

Moving to music is an uplifting experience. Expressing themselves through movement is easier than vocalising feelings and so engaging in dance can feel quite liberating.

Dance is a natural outlet for expression and emotion and one which can do a lot to make children and adults feel good.

Dance helps make you feel more positive and happier. Dance is an important part of staying healthy in both body and mind.

At Leap Dance Midlands we take mental health very seriously. Elaine, the Principal has undertaken ongoing training and learning about children and adult’s mental health. She has worked with children with Special Educational Needs and Mental Health issues for over twenty years. She completed the Covid Training for Mental Health and has qualifications in Counselling. She is currently working towards a Mental Health course for children and young people to enable her to support all her students.

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